Hi, I’m

A writer
A student
A dancer
A listener
Your friend

Vivek Bhookya.

I try to be a somewhat decent human being.
I scream for ice cream.
To describe myself in one sentence, [OLD: “I’m a man who internalizes all my failures and dedicates almost all of my successes to my environment”.] “I’m a man who, with the help of the people I love, is developing a view of life that not only suits me better but is also more realistic and optimistic.”

If there is an audience, thank you for visiting this site. Bonafide Grade Hustlers began as a place for a group of kids to post their thoughts and experiences, which promptly died.
Which is understandable. High school was a pretty busy time.

Now, the site is alive again. Instead of the original intentions of a blog, I’ll be solely using it as an extension of myself. I’ll share my thoughts, my experiences, what I’ve learned, and anything else one might write in a journal. With a little more.

I’m doing this because I enjoy writing, and this is a way for me to consistently practice my passion. Additionally, writing has always helped me gain a better understanding of my experiences, and this site can act as a means to keep track of what I find meaningful.

As a reader, this site may be used to learn more about whom I am and how I think. Or to pass the time with another’s stories. I’ll take care of you.


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Read about my first semester in college.