I have more journals than I know what to do with. I guess that’s better than having lesser journals than I need, though.

A gift I received for graduating high school

[Hell yeah]

is a fancy little journal with cream-colored pages bound inside leather covers. On the front cover, with reflective golden lettering, the journal reads, “I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT BOOKS”.

I have no idea why a blank book has that message on the front. The message gives a really cool look to the journal, though, similar in appearance to some religious scriptures.

The first page inside this journal has my name on it because the lined pages begin after this blank page.
The second page inside this journal has my thoughts regarding how I can use this journal. My too-many-journals issue was already in place before receiving this journal, but I didn’t want to not use it either. Ultimately, I decided to just write down thoughts of mine that I feel are important to keep track of, and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

As far as I’m aware of, of course.

As more time passed, I continued to write more and more of my thoughts in this journal, from internal dialogues trying to understand something, realizations and conclusions I’ve made which I believe have timeless relevance, questions seeking answers, and answers to my questions.

Because I only write what’s most meaningful to me, this journal has essentially become the closest representation to my core values and true person, second to myself. As such, when I am troubled or feel lost, this journal acts like a reset or “backup” for me to align myself with what matters most to me.

I guess, without this book, I probably couldn’t live.

I’ll be sharing some of the “truths” I’ve written with some personal elaboration or a little story of how that truth came to be, for the sake of putting more stuff on this blog.



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