About the BGH Crew

Growing up in an initially foreign society, we — a dozen Indian immigrants — have experienced the drastic illusions and realities set forth by this system, in terms of wealth, status, power, and the “pursuit of happiness.” What constitutes a successful person? From our perspective, cultural influences, such as family,  play an essential role in shaping one’s future and personality, but the American lifestyle has enlightened us of a more liberal stance towards making choices of our own. So, we are the product of a bilateral cultural feud where we are caught in the midst of it all- being forced towards each side simultaneously. After a lengthy discussion, we arrived to the conclusion that a blog was a great way to express our take on social experiences we encounter on a daily basis, both on a large and personal scale. Our objective is to offer different opinions and alternatives to given agendas, and here we will persuade discussions to better educate ourselves (and the readers) on relevant topics from various aspects of life.

We encourage different opinions, ranging from all spectrums of social categories (politics, religion, affiliation, groups) and would like to shed light on less signified views from those who deserve to be heard through the chaos. In this day and age obviously, there are many groups of people who wish to be represented, so it is not possible to include every opinion about everything going on in the world (sorry Jim Gilmore fans….if there are any).

With respect to the contents of our blogs, we will be concentrating a vast amount of our resources towards posting one or two weekly “Prime Blogs.” These short scripts will contain a medium sized one sided discussion of a personal or universal topic that we, at HQ, might find to be of relevance to talk about. Topics for the Prime Blogs or PBs could include numerous aspects of livelihood- from mental health to the Simpsons and from Earth to the Orion’s Belt and farther! Our Prime Blogs will often reflect on personal experiences from the authors, so we trust readers to be genuinely calming with their responses as we are not trying to offend anyone’s soft spot. Our main focus is to inform the reader of the experience portrayed by the author in order to provide a different perspective of the given subject.

In addition to the PBs, we are going to share shorter blogs of more broader topic and less personal content that will be the thesis for discussions among readers and bloggers- an opportunity to keep the blog site more active.  Furthermore, as a fair reminder, there should be a code of conduct respected by all participants; in that users should omit the use of profanity and any kind of vulgar, discriminatory, or demeaning language, and that they should respect others’ opinions.

Thank you for taking the time to read over our bios! (TBH I didn’t think you’d make it this far so congrats!) We appreciate your feedback, so do write to any of the admins, and we will try and get back to you as soon as we can!

Au revoir.

-The BGH Crew


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